Selador Carn

Selador is a quiet, sad man in his late twenties who enjoys working with his hands and being under the open sky. 


Stalwart, slender, and careworn. A slender man in his late twenties, Selador dresses in light, sturdy leathers well-suited to hunting and designed for utility over style. He prefers browns and reds, with touches of black in his garb. His brown hair is kept in a short ponytail and he wears a short beard. 


Patient, calm, and insightful. Selador has lived a life filled with both great joy and great sorrow that has left him with a wisdom beyond his years. Additionally, he has travelled widely, and seen many different cultures and people, and learned the value of being quiet and listening. 


Peace. More than anything, Selador wants peace, foremost for himself. A few years ago, he and his wife were attacked by bandits, Selador survived, she did not. Her death has left a great emptiness within him. He tries to fill this emptiness with drink, activity, and friends but it is always there, hiding just beneath the surface. 


Wood carving. Selador finds a fleeting peace when working with his hands and spends a lot of time on woodwork. He makes toys, furniture, boxes, wagon wheels, even arrows which he hopes to never need. Whatever project he can find to help keep his mind off his burdens. 

In Erien

Selador lives in a small cottage outside the village, in the Outer Homesteads. He spends most of his time out of doors, and a goodly amount in Zaran Wood. One of the great joys he does find is teaching the children of Erien about the land and its animals. 

In Olbrador Greenroot he has found a fast friend and the two of them are often seen together: walking, talking, and remembering better days. 


Born the son of a blacksmith, working a forge never interested Selador who was possessed of a playful, free spirit more akin to the elves than humanity. This is what drew his elven wife Alyana and him together. Never able to find acceptance from either of their families, the couple left their homes and drifted across the countryside, going wherever the weather seemed fair.

For almost a decade they drifted, never able to have children of their own, they never put down roots anywhere. The little village of Erien was the closest thing they came to call home. Here, Alyana was able to find a place that satisfied her thirst for nature and community. It became a regular stop on their travels and the couple become freinds with many of the villagers. This is what brought Selador to the village a few years ago, after his wife was killed in a bandit attack. 

In Erien he is both comforted and tormented. The familiar surroundings, friends, and excuse to work with his hands helps him find solace, but they also remind him of Alyana. Ardrinei, more than anyone, reminds him of everything he has lost. To Selador, she is a ghost of his late wife, with just a little less dirt on her face.  


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