Silion Tuldaril - m, human wizard

Silion Tuldaril

Silion Tuldaril is an aging human wizard who loves reading and building model ships. 


Common, unconcerned and functional. Silion spends little time on his appearance, favoring function over form. He is never without his walking stick and wire-frame spectacles and often has a book tucked under his arm. 


Approachable, friendly and proper. Silion has a naturally disarming and open nature that sets those around him at ease. He harbors a genuine concern for the comfort of those around him and always follows proper form and protocol when entertaining. 


Quiet retirement. Silion came to Erien for the simple life it offered and enjoys his days working side-by-side with the townsfolk in the fields. Erien offers him everything he wants at the moment. 


Bottled ships. Silion builds bottle ships and his home and tower is crammed full of them. He has travelled extensively and recreated the likenesses of many ships from those travels. 


In Erien

Silion lives in a stone tower on the edge of town where he maintains a massive library consisting of thousands of books. Anyone is welcome to study in his library but the wizard is protective of his books and rarely allows them to leave the tower. 

Despite his station, he chooses to work in the fields alongside the rest of the town's residents, declining his share of the profits. When not at home, he'll often be found in the fields planting, weeding, or tilling soil. 

A scholar of some renown, it's not unusual for him to receive visitors from faraway places. Silion welcomes them with the same openness he gives to everyone, granting them access to his knowledge and resources often in exchange for help around town. 


  • Silion's good nature endears him to most people but Bailiff Umbalin would prefer the wizard pack up and leave. For his part, Silion pities Umbalin who he thinks of as an unhappy man seeking the wrong things in life. 
  • In the goblin attack that resulted in Silion's tower being dubbed Wrathclaw Tower, the parents of Lancet and Aubry Bedune were killed when they were caught within the blast radius of one of his spells. The children, now young adults, have never forgiven the wizard for their deaths. Silion is wracked by guilt over the incident.


  • Silion was once advisor to a powerful king. He settled in Erien after being chased out of the kingdom over an affair with the kings daughter. 
  • In a hidden chamber beneath his home, Silion keeps a menagerie of exotic creatures he's captured through the years. 


Silion's life has had its ups and downs. As a young man he took up a life of high adventure and, for nearly a decade, drifted across the world allowing chance to pull him as it would. A disastrous encounter with a dragon brought this to an end, leaving his companions dead and Silion grievously wounded. After his recovery, he settled in Erien rather than return to the dangerous life he had known. 


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