Tsarian Vidaos

Tsarian Vidaos

Tsarian is a venerable elf with a streak of materialism and a love of art. She is matriarch of the Many Merry Merchants Guild and her only companion is a vulture as old as she.


Expensive, exotic, and elegant. Tsarian is a venerable elven merchant from a distant land. She dresses in ornate furs and silks trimmed with fancy baubles. Although the outfit looks bulky, keen observers notice she moves gracefully despite the apparent impediment her garb should present. 


Sarcastic, conniving, and shrewd. Possessed of a sharp tongue and dry wit, Tsarian comes off rude and brash, but the truth is she uses this as a tactic to gain an edge in negotiations. She is quick to take advantage of opportunity, never trusts anyone, but rarely attempts to mislead others. With a nose for deals and disregard for the precepts of good and evil, she's willing to deal with anyone, so long as she stands to gain from it. 



Wealth and prestige. Tsarian relentlessly seeks to expand her financial standing, so much so that she is often accused of being a miser. She sees riches as a bridge to influence, and influence as the path to prestige. This is what drove her to found the Many Merry Merchants Guild more than 300 years ago, an organization that has spread beyond her home to all the corners of the world.   


Art collecting. Tsarian is a lover of artwork, with a particular preference for historical pieces, especially those relating to the Slaughter of Angels. She will pay handsomely for artwork, which is perhaps her one indulgence where gold is concerned. On occasion she has been known to hire out work from villagers, but few have skill enough to match her appetite. 


In Erien

Despite her great wealth and position as head of the Many Merry Merchants, Tsarian continues to operate Melodies Roost, a small general store in Erien. From here, she loans money, changes money, and buys and sells goods from villagers and treasure hunters alike. She has made herself an essential, if occasionally irritating, addition to Erien. 


  • Lord Kelvor Wrothe and Tsarian often find themselves at odds over the political and economic hold each has over Erien, oddly, this rivalry is not shared between Tsarian and Bailiff Minendil. 
  • Ardrinei, as a Servant of the Goddess, is oft-putt by Tsarian’s fondness of their greatest tragedy, the Slaughter of Angels.


  • Due to her age, absurd even for a elf, there are whispers that Tsarian is not an elf at all but rather an ageless outsider, or perhaps even a dragon.
  • Tsarian is not in Erien by choice, but has been pushed to the sidelines by powerful factions inside Many Merry Merchants.


Tsarian was once an adventurer and claims to have settled after looting an abandoned dragon horde. Alongside other adventurers, and drawing on the many contacts she made in those days, she founded the Many Merry Merchants Guild. 

Tsarian is the only survivor from the guilds first generation, no surprise given that the Many Merry Merchants have been operating for over 300 years. Oddly, in all this time the bearded vulture she keeps as a companion hasn't seemed to age a day.


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