Wrathclaw Tower - Locale

A 40-foot crenalated, stone tower, easily the tallest structure in Erien, stands watch over the village. It is connected by a short hall to a comfortable looking home with glass windows and a slate roof. 

This is the home of Silion Tuldaril, a wizard that retired to Erien years earlier. The tower itself is Silion's library. Silion lives with his housekeeper Pruet in the small attached home. 


Aside from pleasant conversation, people typically visit Wrathclaw Tower looking for services Silion can provide. These include: 

  • As a wizard of some power, Silion will, as opportunity allows, work his arcane craft for others.
  • He also has a very well-stocked library on a diverse set of topics including several unique books. The library is so impressive that it draws visitors from outside the valley itself. 
  • Lastly, Silion is a sage and expert on many subjects from history, to wizardry, to the nature of the universe. 

Adventure Hooks

  • The Book of Terniel, an artifact in Silion's tower, has been stolen and Silion needs the characters to recover it. 
  • After conducting a magical experiment, Silion vanished suddenly in an acrid puff of smoke. His notes suggest he had been working on opening a gateway to a distant plane. Someone needs to find him and bring him home. 


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