Once upon a time, before the Gates closed forever, there was an ancient land outside of time that was home to citizens of countless worlds. Wenden. These people, The Eldest, were said to have been made of starlight itself. But an old feud between warring factions of The Eldest threatened to destroy this sacred land, and so the Gates of Wenden, those fabled portals to the Many Worlds, were Bound shut to save Wenden.

Or so the story goes, as they say. The Old Timers who warm their gnarled hands by the fire nod their grey heads sagely. “Ghosts live in the bones of these lands. And they will whisper to you, if you listen hard enough.” Perhaps they’re right. But who has time for children’s tales when there may be war on the horizon?

Welcome to the untamed world of Wenden, a place of ancient ruins buried beneath the cities of a new civilization; where spirits of the land called Kentan are all that’s left of a world once outside of time. New magics and machineries join with the traditions of the spiritual as the Age of Courts begins.

To the north is the source of light and civilization in the world, the continent of Miramar. To the south, a powerful force is awakening across the sea within the abandoned continent of Irlan. Something is stirring on the other side of the Border built by the mysterious Courts of Taeryal. Something that could break the Treaty formed three hundred years ago. The Boy-King, new to his Throne of Men, has ignored the call to arms by the Borderlands, laughing at their tales of nightmares and shadows who slink across The Border in the night, dismissing them as Faerie stories.

A dream calls you to explore the mysteries beyond the border known as the Shade. The spirits are whispering. Will you answer them?


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